All treatment plans are based on your personal needs

hand in hand with my recommendations

"One size doesn't fit all....."

C O V I D • 1 9 • U P D A T E

All therapies are now back!

"I am ready when you feel you are ready"

There will be a few changes in place to ensure that both you and I comply with the new COVID-19 regulations. There may be additional questions prior to your appointment to make sure I can treat you, these are in place for your safety, mine and our loved ones.

I am so excited to be finally opening the door again for all therapies and look forward to seeing you all very soon!

If you’ve been missing your reflexology treatments or have any sleep issues, anxiety or stress then please click the button below or contact me to discuss any concerns.

There is now a COVID-19 page on the website on this link. All updates will be posted on there as there are more due in the next week.

"One thing that hasn't changed, is how you will feel after your reflexology session"

O N L I N E • B O O K I N G • I S • O P E N

Following on from previous comments that you like to be able to book online and after a lot of 'fettling', the online booking system is ready again for you to book Reflexology, Back Treatment & Back Massage, Facials & Ear Candling.

If you would prefer to message or email me an appointment date/time, please do. If you can't find availability that you would like, please contact me.

On your email which is sent 24 hours before your appointment time, there will now be a link for you to go onto and answer a few COVID-19 questions. These just need answering and submitting please preferably the day before your session, if I have anything I need to follow up on I will be in touch. 

I fully appreciate that some people may be wary of the current situation and that too is ok, if you have any concerns about anything at all please ask.

The Therapy room and cloakroom are Covid compliant places.


We all need to keep each other safe along with our loved ones.


**One thing you will need to get in advance is a face covering as they need to be worn by both of us**

Payment is contactless and a good way of doing it is storing your card details when you pay online and then once you have had your treatment it automatically gets charged. I have no access to your details and I don't charge for missed or cancelled appointments.

This is the is the easiest and the least 'contact' way of paying.

These are very unprecedented times and very new and strange for us all, the more precautions we take now the safer we will be, more restrictions will be lifted and a brighter future lies ahead....

Prices will still be the same:

1x reflexology £35
2x reflexology £60
4x reflexology £110

Available Hours



Tuesday | Wednesday






Evening & weekend appointments are

available on request .

Please contact me for any


outside of the above.

As most of you know now,

I am very flexible on my

working hours, but will

still limit my clients to 3 a day



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