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C O V I D • 1 9 • U P D A T E

Unfortunately as I am sure you are aware, Springhill Therapy will once again close the doors to providing therapies and will go back into hibernation on Thursday 5th November 2020, the last day I can work is Wednesday 4th November 2020.

This is following the Government's latest briefing. Hopefully just for 4 weeks.

Whilst it is disappointing, we need to stay safe and follow the guidelines.

I have created a new game tonight... however I wouldn't recommend it as my brain now hurts

Musical Appointments

As a priority, I have been in contact or tried to contact clients that have appointments tomorrow and next week to confirm their appointments are either safe until Wednesday or to bring forward Thursday onwards clients.

I am just waiting for a couple to come back to me tomorrow. When I have these confirmed, I will contact clients booked in from w/c 16th November.

It is going to be a really tough time for everyone again and especially for our small local independent businesses. But if we stick together, support each other and follow the guidance, we will get through this.

Look out for each other, I am always here at the end of a phone, text, WhatsApp, facebook message, email etc.. for a chat, a moan or just a flipping good laugh.. we all need that!

If you feel that you would like someone else to chat to, here are some details..

The Cubbyhole Gift Shop will still be open for online orders, with pick up and delivery (within 5 miles of Buckshaw Village). Plus the bonus is I get to see you all .

Please like the page to get all the latest arrivals including lots of Christmas goodies.. let's make Buckshaw Village the brightest it can be for Christmas

I would just like to thank you all for your continued support and friendship, through a very tough year for us all. See you in December 

Take care and Stay Safe 🌈

Joanne xx

There is now a COVID-19 page on the website on this link. All updates will be posted on there as they develop.

🦇 🎃 T R I C K • O R • T R E A T ? ? ? 🎃 🦇

Hmmmm... ever feel like we are living in a real nightmare at the moment?


Anyway we will see what Boris has to say tonight and I will keep you all updated as and when we get guidance through.

Complementary Therapies cross over so many different sectors, ie Retail, Beauty, Holistic & massage parlours...😱

The measures and procedures I have introduced at Springhill Therapy, to allow me to be COVID-19 secure have been totally accepted by you all and going forward, we as an industry are hoping it is something that may be recognised by the Government etc and also for them to realise that Reflexology is a wellbeing treatment to help emotionally, mentally and physically.

If I have to close, (trying to stay positive), depending on when, I may try and bring this week's appointments forward from tomorrow.

So I will be in touch we you individually to see what I & you can do between us.

You know that feeling when your reflexology session has finished and you just want to roll into bed?

Well, some sessions may run into the late hours just so you are not missing out 😴 👣.

Enjoy your evening and I may see you here for a midnight snack at some point very soon 😉

Stay Safe 🌈

Joanne xx

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