Following the Government Briefing - 4th April 2021

H A P P Y • N E W S 

Following the latest Government briefing, I will be reopening on Monday 12th April 2021.

There are few differences…. There is a limit on how much time a client can spend in the therapy room – 90 minutes maximum. Which means that any treatment can only be an hour long, to allow for consultation time, etc.

Sadly, this means that I will have to temporarily pause most packages until restrictions are lifted. This includes the very popular Facial & Reflexology Package for £35.00. I can guarantee that, when allowed, this offer will definitely be back

The next review date by the Government is the 17th May 2021.

I am also unable to accept any new clients at the moment due to the detailed first consultation that I do. It will take us over the 90 minutes for this in addition to the reflexology session.

Please by all means, if you are new and would like a treatment as soon as the restrictions are lifted, send me a message or subscribe to the mailing list and I will be in touch.

I have also paused back Massages and Back Treatments, purely because of my dodgy knee!

The rest of the lovely treatments are available to be booked online on the link below...

Reflexology (including the reflexology courses)

Kaeso Facials

Ear Candling

Tranquillity Package – Ear Candling & Mini Facial

Everything is as COVID-19 secure as it was before I had to close. As are the guidelines and the COVID-19 risk assessment questions (additional vaccination questions) which have to be done before every appointment.

Reflexology cannot be done within 3 days of you having had the vaccination.

Your appointment reminder email will have the link on to the COVID-19 page, which you will get 24hrs before your appointment. This is compulsory and unfortunately if it isn’t completed before your appointment, I won’t be able to treat you.

Every risk assessment for every appointment you have, has to be kept for insurance purposes for 7 years.

Please cancel or amend your appointment if you feel unwell (coughs, colds, flu etc), any COVID-19 symptoms or contact with covid positive people etc.. I will also do the same with you.

As you can appreciate these may be at very short notice and sometimes, they are on the same day as your appointment. This could be because a previous client has tested positive.

There are never any cancellation charges at Springhill Therapy . I would much rather you cancel and let me know than just not turn up. It is all very flexible here!

Everyone will need to scan the QR code for NHS Track & Trace so you will need to download the APP as this has to be scanned as you walk in. I understand that this is optional and that some people have their own thoughts on this system and I respect your decision on this.

I ask everyone to scan it at Springhill Therapy and if I have to turn you away because you would prefer not to use it, please respect my decision on that.

Any questions at all about anything please just contact me.


I can't wait to see you all


Take care & Stay Safe

Joanne xx

Stay Safe






NHS COVID-19 QR CODE ~ ** Important **(11/04/2021)

For all appointments at Springhill Therapy from tomorrow 12th April 2021, you will need to scan my NHS COVID-19 QR Code. This will be as soon as you walk in through the main door where the hand sanitiser is.

It is a legal requirement for me to have this displayed and I have to ask you all to scan it.

It isn't compulsory for you to scan it & I can't force you to, however, I feel that due to the close contact treatments that you have and the vulnerability of some of our family members, it is therefore a necessity at Springhill Therapy, which I hope you will agree.

Unfortunately, if you don't scan it, I will not be able to carry out any treatments on you, unless

you don't have a smartphone.

I am sure that you will all appreciate that again this isn't 'Big Brother', it is all of us thinking about each other and keeping us all safe.

I will scan the QR Code myself every morning that I have treatments booked in, as I would certainly like to know as soon as possible that I would be traceable and advised to isolate etc, therefore keeping you, me and our families safe.

To ensure a smooth arrival for your treatments, please download the NHS COVID-19 App prior to your appointment, so it doesn't reduce your treatment time.

Here is a link for Google Play:

Here is a link for Apple App Store:

Link to the NHS COVID-19 website

"NHS Test and Trace is a key part of the country’s ongoing COVID-19 response. If we can rapidly detect people who have recently come into close contact with a new COVID-19 case, we can take swift action to minimise transmission of the virus. This is important to help avoid further societal and economic restrictions, including local lockdowns, and will allow us to return to a more normal way of life."


Please complete this form no more than 24 hours before attending.



Pre appointment questions 

Have you returned from a high risk area in the last 14 days? Either overseas or in the United Kingdom?
Have you been in contact, in the last 14 days, with someone who has been diagnosed with or suspected of having Covid-19 or is self isolating? Where defined by the Government as Vulnerable?
Are you showing any signs of Covid-19? Including any of: A high temperature, a new continuous cough, loss or change to sense of smell or taste. See: If you are showing signs of new marks, rashes, spots, bumps, or other lesions on your skin or toes, I will not be able to treat until you have sought medical advice.
Have you had your Covid Vaccinations? Please enter the dates of one or both (if you have had 2) in the text box before submitting this form.

Thanks for submitting! If I need any further information I will contact you prior to your appointment. Joanne

Stay Safe